Toyota Knoxville

Toyota Knoxville Featured Image

Industry: Car Dealership

Company Locations: Knoxville, Tennessee

Timeline: December 2012–July 2014

Company Description

Toyota Knoxville was the largest Toyota dealership in Knoxville. The company received numerous leads but suffered from poor closing rates. The client asked BigWheel (at the time, Bluegill Creative) to capture higher quality leads and help filter out poor leads for sales personnel.

Services Rendered

  • PPC management
  • Customer relationship management system (CRM) integration and consulting
  • Custom web & sales analytics


  • Traffic increased 35%, which was 669% above’s United States Dealer Benchmark.
  • Average time on site increased 17%,46.5% above benchmark.
  • Leads increased 156%, 230% above benchmark.
  • Produced a sevenfold return on PPC investment.